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Diana M - Luton

Lynda Alllen my therapist is exceptional. She takes time to discover what treatment you need and explains exactly why and what course of treatment she offers. Her manner is all ways professional, make you the client feel important and an individual. I have had several treatments and am amazed at the improvement to my back. I recommend Her Therapy 4 Health 100% for an amazing experience



Tracey H - Luton

Lynda is not only extremely professional but friendly and personalises the
massages to meet her clients needs. I would highly recommend any products Lynda
offers and will continue being a client for a long time to come

Elleanor M- Luton

The service is very professional and caring. I was very quickly made to feel at ease. After just two sessions I am really feeling the positive affects of the treatment


M Matthews- Luton
My name is Margaret Matthews and I am a Nursery Nurse.  I am qualified in Swedish massage, I am a massage in school trainer, Infant massage instructor and a Aromacarer. I work in a school that caters for children with Severe and profound Special Needs.  I have worked at the school for the last 20 years and although I really enjoy working there it has taken a toll on my body! – Especially my back.

Throughout the years I have had numerous treatments ranging from acupuncture, physio, treatment from an osteopath and I have tried loads of different massages. Some of the treatments worked
and allowed me to follow a normal life whilst having a weekly treatment but once the planned sessions were over and the therapist deemed they had done enough my pains returned and I was on the path to find another treatment! 

A friend informed me of a new type of massage being offered at a new local salon in Luton.  At a great low price introductory offer! I rang straight away not because of the new type of treatment but because I had been paying £26 per hour so I was saving money especially in this recession!

Once I was booked I went to the appointment and Lynda informed me about No Hands
Massage and asked loads of questions about me and my health.  Lynda is so friendly and has a lovely sense of humour she put me at ease straight away.  The room within the salon is really nice and cosy giving me a real sense of comfort. 

Lynda started the massage and began with my shoulders which were my really sore areas that day and she really worked them with her forearms. She talked to me a checked she wasn’t going to deep and really informed me of the different areas of my back which were sore and the possible reasons why – this really reassured me she knew her stuff. She worked all over my back and finished the session with a really relaxing face massage. I knew that the gentle but deep muscular work she had performed on me was what my back needed. 

By the end of the session I was hooked! 
The No Hands approach is so different to anything I have ever had and I wanted more!!

Lynda offers discounted block sessions – again another real bargain! I booked straight away and went into school and spoke to many people about the No Hands Massage and told them that they needed to try.  I have massaged some colleagues with back pain and informed them that I would no longer help them as Lynda could do a much better job!  

Each week Lynda would chat with me and discuss areas where I felt sore or stiff and she
would massage them and sort them out!  No two massages have been the same as
Lynda works the area that needs working.

I have completed my 4 week block and I am so happy with the treatments and really appreciate
all the work Lynda has done on me – Me and My Back are so different!  I have been able to
do so many things I haven’t done in years.  

It’s really hard to write how wonderful and how very different the No hands Massage is but I can assure you it has made a real difference to my life and my ability to do things some people take for granted but I always had to consider.   

Please contact me if you would like any other information or if you just want to know I am for real and not an advertisement ploy! Ring me on 07803383387 – I won’t answer during the day as I work in a class so try me after 6



Annie G - Welwyn Garden City

I have been suffering with lower back pain when waking for a number of years. I had my first “no hands” session with Lynda and the following morning my lower back pain was completely gone! If I’d known it was that easy I would have done it ages ago! Lynda did some trigger point work on my shoulders as I had a migraine and within 10 minutes my headache was gone. I am so impressed I have signed up for the Four Block session offer in the hope that a weekly session will reduce my headaches on a more permanent basis.

Georgie S - Luton

Before I went to Lynda Allen at Her Therapy 4 Health I suffered with exceptionally bad back pain even visiting the chiropractor did not get rid of the pain - now the pain is gone and I was also shown how to manage my pain at home. I have also tried some of the other treatments on offer they are all of an extremly high standard and fantastic value for money

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