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Findings from the Foetal and Neonatal Stress Research Group at Imperial College concluded that a stress free pregnancy is best for mum and baby. They conclude there is a significant correlation between maternal cortisol levels (stress hormones) and foetal cortisol levels.

So if you are feeling the stress signs from the pressures of work, maintaining a healthy pregnancy and preparing for the Birth then find ways of reducing your stress levels - walking, reading, taking a bath etc..

Or find time for a safe & secure Maternity Massage - Haley M “This is so relaxing and bump really enjoys it too, the oils really helped moisturise my ever-stretching skin and Lynda’s knowledge was extensive that I felt safe in her hands.”

Safe positioning - side lying technique and for the later stages can massage single sided
so there is no need to turn over

Special care taken for those undergoing fertility treatment including IVF or IUI Programmes

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During my Pregnancy I was living in Southern Ireland where maternity care other than in hospitals is fairly rare or concentrated in central Dublin. However I sourced an excellent Massage Therapist (Ethna McQuillan) who I went to see throughout my pregnancy and beyond. The Massage calmed me down at a time when I was living far away from family and friends and also calmed my birth anxiety. I had someone to talk to about the pregnancy and how my body was changing. Ethna inspired me to also train as a Maternity Massage Therapist. I originally planned to go to America to learn as they were the only country I could see that provided this course. However I found out that my own excellent training school offered this diploma and I was the first to sign up for it.

This Maternity Massage Diploma means that I am qualified to Massage pregnant women from Trimester One. This has meant continual care for a lot of my clients who originally come to me for other types of treatments or massage and then discover they are pregnant and so their treatment sessions can continue

Maternity Massage may assist with Lymphatic Drainage techniques on hands and feet & legs / reduces stress, tension and anxiety / speeds up venous and lymph circulation / deeper more relaxed breathing / reduces pain by increasing dopamine levels / elevates mood / decreases muscle tension / prepares a woman physically, emotionally and mentally for labour and supports a healthy utero environment - for more benefits see Massage Magazine article on Prenatal Massage

Some pregnancy conditions might restrict Maternity Massage and will require GP or Midwife approval

Fever / Nausea / Diabetes / High Blood Pressure / Placenta Praevia (low lying position) / Vascular Inflammation (Buerger’s disease - inflammation of the blood vessels primarily in legs or Phlebitis - inflammation of a vein Pre-eclampsia / Deep Vein Thrombosis / Pitting Oedema

Post-birth massage depends upon type of birth and pain relief you received
it can be from 4 - 6 weeks to 6 months (C-section) with GP approval


Babies rely on touch for their development in terms of physically, emotionally, socially and sensory needs. Parents who massage their infant regularly may provide them with enhanced bonding, strengthened immune, venous and lymph systems, muscular flexibility, peripheral touch sensory stimulation and brings them to a calm state.

From my own experiences teaching parents some of the added bonuses of the Massage that may have increased increased bowel function for constipated babies / massage techniques to help parents shorten episodes of infant colic / improve infant food intake (massage invokes the parasympathetic nervous system which in tern increases secretion of gastrin (hormone) within the stomach) / improves the length and quality of infant sleep - for baby and parent! / gives parents the confidence to both handle and calm their baby whatever time of the day / improvement in self-comfort / one of the biggest responses is bonding to the child and reducing symptoms of PND - when relaxed and comfortable during massage, babies lock eyes onto their parents faces enhancing trust and quality bonding time.

Who can learn? - mum / dad / grandparents / siblings - who you feel are old enough to participate
Lots of safe techniques and suitable hand pressure for infant massage

Build you own massage routine - tailored to your baby

Small class sessions available at Lady Zia Werhner School in Stopsley with Margaret Matthews. All proceeds from the course go directly back to the school - 4/5 week course start from £18 (correct at time of writing - Feb 2012). Local private sessions are also available at great rates - for more information contact during office hours 07803 383 387 - contact via text as Mags is usually teaching and will return your enquiry as soon as she is able.


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