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Extracts below are taken from Gerry Pyves originator of

NO HANDS® Massage
"Touch is..." and "An Ancient Formula....." booklets


I have copies of both booklets If you would like to read them email me and collect them at your next session

In addition I have several copies of Gerry's book "Mavis and I" if any client would like to read it. It is a engaging fictional story of a clients hilarious healing journey through the world of Massage therapy.


"Massage is probably the most ancient therapy on the planet. It works because it was conceived and developed according to one of the oldest healing formulas – a formula based on the cumulative principle. This ancient formula states that all permanent healing and change actually happens

Gradually / Over Time / Through Repetition"

Clients often ask "just what is a NO HANDS® massage
and how is this so different from what you were doing before?"

These clients have been coming to me for many sessions and have experienced me working with my arms and elbows for Trigger Point work. I explain that summer 2008 I started researching into different ways of working that didn't use my hands as so many therapists suffer from RSI and tendonitis from years of overuse and repetitive movement. I love my work and wanted to ensure that I could continue with a long career in therapies. I originally started by looking at Hawiaain Style Flow Massage and then into more injury prevention techniques.

I found that by using my arms there was a greater surface area being massaged in just one stroke or compression. This stroke was deeper and more effective than using any part of my (very small) hands. During this time some clients would comment that they really enjoyed the Massage and much preferred it much more to my hands work. So I continued to use it.

I came across the NO HANDS® website some time ago and was intrigued to develop my therapy skills further and started with the Back to Basics - Transforming Touch course. By using the NO HANDS® method I am able to use my own bodydynamics and body weight for much greater precision and better effect on my clients. The techniqes and movements are precise to ensure maximum effect for the cient and practitioner.

Resulting in the most gentle but deepest Massage I have ever been able to give to a client.

Gerry Pyves has worked over the last 20 years with hundreds of therapists, who have given thousands of Massages and had a mass of feedback from both on each stroke

honing each one to perfect this new dynamic form of massage.

So the answer is simple I massage with the 7 surfaces of my lower and upper planes of my arms and elbows (for those still committed to Trigger Point work and can't do without it!)

and I simply adapt what I do for each client.

My clients are trying the new NO HANDS® Massage with me and really love the "new moves"
and they have given lots of positive feedback about the new method.

One thing I really notice is that the clients get the same effect from NO HANDS® but without the pain of Trigger Point work which is something they really love. If you have had TP Massage and don't like it try NO HANDS® and see the difference for yourself. It works on a soft neuromuscular level so when they get off the couch they look like they are in another universe and often tell me that this Massage was "just what I needed" and " I can't believe how relaxing that was". See the testimonials page for a taster of what my clients say about my work.

The added beauty of this method for me is that I can now Massage all day long without feeling any fatigue so the last Massage of the day is as fresh as the first one. Sometimes if I've had a bad day and I have an evening appointment I struggle to get into my 'Zen'. It gradually seeps back into my body within a couple of minutes of greeting my client and is in full flow by the time I do my first stroke. I literally feel fantastic after giving an hour Massage - exhillarated - it has even stopped a throbbing migraine!

I often wonder if I feel this good how must this feel for my client?

I now can't imagine Massaging any other way.

From what I see in clients as they walk out of the treatment room
to the way I feel during and after each session.

If you've never had NO HANDS® Massage I recommend you try

and find out for yourself just how good it is.

I believe in it so much that I continued

my NO HANDS®' training and am now on my fourth year Mastery Level

Lynda Allen
Stopsley | Luton | Bedfordshire
07988 739 596 | her.t4h@googlemail.com
© Lynda Allen 2009