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R Magazine - January 2010


I have had a regular monthly massage from Lynda for about six months now. Initially I was nervous but Lynda is very professional and made me feel safe and comfortable. She is a very talented therapist and I feel her therapy is great for helping to maintain optimum health and for managing stress.



I have been a client of Lynda's for a couple of years now and each month I look forward to my massage. Lynda takes time to talk about how you are and what kind of massage you would like,
whether there are aches and pains that need seeing to or just a massage to help me relax.
I would certainly recommend Lynda to anyone who wants a great massage.



 I have been a client of Lynda's for about 3 years now. My doctor advised me to have a massage to help with my depression. I have to thank my husband who found Lynda for me.. Her massages are so relaxing and her facials are the best. Lynda is an excellent listener. She is very caring and always puts you at ease. I look forward to my monthly massage. Lynda is very knowledgable in her work and explains what she is going to do.. I would certainly recommend her to everyone.



A fantastic bespoke therapy service offered by a great team. Each treatment is unique to the requirements of the client. I went in for a massage after muscle strain from exercise and I have been having regular treatments for over 2 years. Highly recommend this to anyone in need for a bit of TLC or more.



I have been seeing Lynda for years, she is very understanding and friendly.
I always look forward to my sessions and it really helps my fibromyalgia



As a physiotherapist I can be quite particular with any massages I have, but I was totally impressed (and fully relaxed!) with my maternity massage. The service was super, professional and she really listened to my needs. I would highly recommend to anyone, in fact I think it should be compulsory in pregnancy! Thanks



I had really bad back problems when I returned to work after my maternity leave several years ago, something weird had happened to my posture having to cope with the extra weight I suppose. I had just been putting up with it until I decided to try one of HT4H's special offers. I had four session in quick succession (weekly I think). I must admit I found the sessions a bit painful, but the results were fantastic. I could stand up straight for the first time since my pregnancy, my knee which had been so painful sometimes I had to climb the stairs on all fours felt almost completely better. All sorts of other aches and pains mysteriously disappeared too. I must admit I knew Lynda already, so I probably would have used her anyway, but her pricing is so competitive and her customer service so good I would highly recommend her even if she were a stranger. She always sends a reminder text before each appointment, she makes you feel very comfortable and at ease and is very respectful of your privacy. I have paid £75 an hour before in a posh spa and not had the quality of service that Lynda offers. I have started on the Priority Client scheme now, so that I can guarantee a slot every month. If I don't book ages in advance I just end up getting too busy, so its very convenient for me to have all my slots sorted at the beginning of the year. 
I guess the moral of this story is, don't put up with aches and pains when you could try this and feel so much better. I know many people see massage as a luxury for yummy mummies, but If you are uncomfortable or in pain, how effective are you really being in your every day life?
Go on, book a session.... You know you want to....



I have been a client of Lynda's for a number of years, in that time I have had 2 children so I've experienced the calming and relaxing benefits of the maternity massage, it was perfect to ease my pains, swelling and discomfort often making me fall asleep! Lynda's knowledge is 2nd to none, she always gives professional advice for any aches or pains and if an extra session is needed during the month she will always try to squeeze you in. Lynda creates a peaceful atmosphere and before every session will always ask "how do you want to feel at the end?" She cares for her clients and is very attentive, if you are uncomfortable she will adjust, add or remove pillows to make sure your session is exactly what you would like. I highly recommend becoming a priority client!




what a fantastic hour of relaxation. Lynda was caring and informative, taking into account my individual pregnancy prior to starting, leaving me feeling confident that I was in good hands. I found this massage extremely beneficial, it was the first time this pregnancy I was able to truly relax, safe in the knowledge that it wasn't costing me a fortune. I will definitely be booking more sessions as part of the priority club. Lynda's experience shines through and the surroundings add to the experience perfectly.


Linda was extremely professional and put me at ease straight away, explaining how the treatment (No Hands Massage) would work. She also took the time to understand what I would like to achieve from the massage too. I enjoyed the treatment enormously, so much so that I have signed up to the Priority Club!!

This was my first experience of having a no-hands massage, Lynda worked on my back and I felt the movements deeper than a normal massage. I felt relaxed through the the whole treatment. I will be recommending this new experience to all of my friends.


My back had been been giving me quite a bit of discomfort for several months, however, after a couple of massage treatments from Lynda, my back feels so much better and I am much more relaxed. I have experienced lots of massage treatments before but I have to say these were the best. Lynda is a very professional lady and really does ensure that she provides the best care for her clients. Everything is discussed beforehand and Lynda is very caring and mindful of her clients needs and wellbeing. I would definitely highly recommend Her-therapy 4 Health and will be returning again shortly.


I have been coming to Lynda for some time now and really look forward
to my monthly massage. Lynda is a lovely lady who makes you feel really comfortable,
explains what she is doing and the standard of massage is in my view unbeatable.
She offers a range of treatments and every one I have tried has been done
to the same high standard. I would have no doubts whatsoever in recommending her.


Just amazing! from begining to end. Lynda is absolutely lovely and makes you feel at ease and the room was so relaxing and warm. I had a massage and facial. Highly recommend having the 2 treatments one after the other, it put me to sleep :) and my skin felt amazing afterwards. Definately going back!

Lynda is an inspiration - the best massage ever



I am very impressed with my visits to Lynda at hertherapy4health. I go once a month and
Lynda is so friendly, she manages to remember conversations we have had on previous visits. Although I don't have a specific back problem, it aches most of the time just through daily life and after an hour of "No Hands" I feel refreshed and supple. The massages are as deep as you like and Lynda keeps you informed all the time so you feel completely in control.
I've also tried the colon massage which is great if your feeling a bit sluggish. Definitely gets
things moving! Overall I find the whole experience calming and thoroughly
relaxing and if you want a little bit of "you" time I recommend it



I went to have my back treated after suffering for almost 4 weeks. I was made to feel safe, cared for and had amazing no hands massage and work on trigger points. By the next day my back felt 'free' and I have hardly any pain at all now. I cannot rate Linda highly enough, and we managed to have a laugh throughout too! Honestly ladies... If you are in pain, don't hesitate. Also the appointment lasted at least the full hour. Very different from my previous experiences at other practices in the past. Very, very good value for money. Thank you Linda



I have been to a variety of beauty salons, locally, in London and abroad and I can honestly say Lynda is the best! She inspires confidence by explaining exactly how each muscle work and she has this knack of getting in to every nook and cranny without using her hands! Her "No Hands" massage is the top of this world, everyone should try it. She also goes above and beyond the call of duty by doing research to help alleviate a complaint. She is simply the best!



I work in an office and spend nearly all my time at my desk working on my PC. I have a problem with tense shoulders with large knots in and around my shoulder blades, which if left become very uncomfortable. I also suffer with frequent headaches from the ache in my shoulders and neck area.

I have had swedish massage which is relaxing but did not work out my problems. I much

preffer the "No Hands" Massage as it was so thorough and the deep tissue work really

helped my knots. Towards the end of my 60 minutes, Lynda gave me a mini-facial

and honestly it was so relaxing I was nearly asleep at that point!

I will be signing up for the Priority Client scheme to make sure I get a regular monthly massage. It's such a good way to make it affordable for everyone....great value for money.



I was delighted to discover the No Hands Massage was incredibly effective and enjoyable. I felt refreshed and relaxed afterwards. I'm already planning my next session.



I had a deep massage which was especially directed at my hip, where I had been having problems. I feel that the work on my hip has made a great improvement - I am going back for more! The customer service and comfort were excellent.



I have problems with my knees and so Lynda did some Trigger Point Massage on them and although it was painful it felt much better after 48 hours. She also works on my neck and shoulder muscles when they are tight from sitting at my desk, you can feel her hands working deeply into the muscle and releasing the tension. I tell her where it hurts and then she seems to know exactly where the knot is and generally finds more than I realise. I come out of the session feeling fantastic and really loosened up. I’d recommend anyone to go and see her.

I've also tried the face-lift massage and I nearly fall asleep! I love the facials too - my skin feels fantastic after the session

An update from Jacqui....

I have had many treatments at Her therapy 4 health over the past year. I am not one who can relax very easily but Lynda managed to make me fall asleep while doing a facial. The deep tissue massages have been amazing and I would thoroughly recommend to anyone. Lynda really does know what she is talking about and uses her knowledge to make you feel at ease. I will always go to her for any treatments now as I have found someone who really cares about her job and those she gives treatments to. My mother had cancer and when given the all clear I wanted her to be pampered. Lynda was fantastic and came to the house so she didnt have to travel, she took time to talk to mum and make sure that she knew everything about her before she decided with mum, which treatment would be best. This was just what my mum needed and even she relaxed for once. I wish Lynda and her company every success.



I had suffered for years with shoulder/muscle tension and had never been able to find anyone that could give me, what I would call a proper massage, one that would get deep into my muscle and release the tension. That is until I found Lynda!!

Oh and she also does the most relaxing facials..



I have had a back massage and facial from lynda which i found very relaxing. Lynda asks what pressure you like and puts you at your ease. I felt relaxed afterwards. The facial products were not overly powerful with their smell which is good. I would recommend lynda to everyone.



Enjoyed both intensive back massages and facials at Her therapy 4 Health. The massages were wonderful and sorted out various aches and pains I'd been experiencing. Relaxing facials left me feeling wonderfully stress free and I noticed a real improvement in my skin tone over the next few days. I always leave feeling relaxed, refreshed and calm.



I have been massaged by Lynda on a monthly basis for the last 9 months because she is the

best in town! I’ve had lots of massages at beauty salons however the staff never seem to have a thorough understanding of what they are doing and how to alleviate any aches and pains I may have. Lynda’s training and knowledge of muscles and body systems is outstanding – she wows me with medical terms and then explains things in layman’s terms. Her prices are very competitive, especially with the deals she offers – my monthly massages are a worthy treat,

even in credit crunch times.

An update from Joanne.....

I have regular massages with Lynda and wouldn't go anywhere else now!


I have had problems with my hips for a long time and they can be very painful. Over the last year I have been coming to see Lynda for Trigger Point work on my hips and general muscle tension in my neck and shoulders. Since the sessions the pain in my hip has significantly reduced and I’m really happy with the results. I have now added an extra GOLD upgrade to each session to make it a really lovely pamper treatment.


Lynda’s anatomy and physiology knowledge assisted greatly with the baby massage. Her calming personality made me feel confident and relaxed. I learnt so many new things and

thought the course was fabulous, so helpful.

Even after having had three other children, methods change. I like the handout because I am a person that learns from watching rather than reading and Lynda did lots of demonstrations and had material that was easy to use and also reading to take away if I forgot anything


I was recommended Lynda by a friend of mine so thought I'd give it a go. It was so good I've become a regular client. Lynda is really friendly and makes you feel at ease straight away. One of the things I most like is that she really wants the massage to work for you and tries to make sure she hits any trouble spots. I always feel like she's done 'business' with my back when I've had a massage which is great since I'm frequently seen bending over my toddler or picking him up which takes it's toll on the old back!!


Lynda massaged me throughout my pregnancy (she was one of the first people I told!). Each session was so relaxing and I felt safe.

When my son was born Lynda came round and gave me and my husband Baby Massage Instruction. It provided a wealth of information not only about massage, but life with a new baby. I also found it useful being able to talk to another mum about her experiences. We loved the easy use reference material and making our own drawings helped me to remember the moves at a glance. We found the massage helped with our son’s bowel movements and improved his mood of an evening. It was great that the schedule was so flexible to enable my partner to attend. A brilliant course.

I now go to Lynda for “No Hands” and by the end of the session I am really zoned out! I love all the new techniques - great around the shoulders, neck and lower back.

An update from Annie...

Great massage, really worked on the deep muscles, plus the new no hands technique is excellent. Lynda massaged me all the way through my pregnancy, and it was very comforting to know that she was specifically trained in this field. After the birth of my baby Lynda also gave us baby massage lessons in own our home at a time that suited both me and my husband. A fantastic all round service from a very lovely lady.


I managed to find my way home on Friday OK from your place. It took me 1hr and 20 minutes to actually get home coz I had to stop for a snooze for half and hour! I kid you not Lynda, I suddenly came over all sleepy coz I was so relaxed. What’s that all about then? The next day I was not in any pain, no bruised feeling in my back or shoulders. I wonder if it’s because you tried that new technique on my neck?

An update from Sue....

Once a month I visit Lynda for a 'Gold' treatment which is 1.5hrs long. Always she does not finish the session in that time and invariably I am with her for 2 hrs as she wants her clients to not be rushed and wants to give them the full 1.5hrs. I have not been able to attend the Northampton clinic for the past two months but could not miss my treatments and so I have travelled to Luton to her home where she has a treatment room, to make sure I did not forgo the excellant treatment that I need for my shoulders neck and back. Always Lynda makes me feel relaxed. I would not dream of going anywhere else... not after finding such a well qualified and talented therapist who knows how to respond to her clients so that they feel at home and at ease


I sometimes suffer from “watery ear” and when this happens I go to Lynda and she does the ear candles for me. My ears have really improved each time I’ve had it done and I solely put this down to the treatment. Regular sessions have made a real difference to my ears and that “water” feeling is no longer a problem for me. I really love the gentle heat the candles produce in my ear and with the smell of the oils I feel so relaxed.


Tess (82) was diagnosed with Plantar Fasciitis, and had referred hip pain as a result, has said

For 10-months I suffered terribly and had problems walking. I would have to stretch my foot for about 5 minutes when I got out of bed before I could walk, which was extremely painful. I noticed an immediate improvement in my foot from my very first session with Lynda. She makes sure at every visit that she works on my foot and it keeps me mobile. I can now get up and walk straight away and have been walking pain free since then without painkillers or needing injections.”

I also tried the Face-Lift Massage and was very pleased with the results - especially around my eyes and jowl area - I couldn’t believe how relaxed I was after each treatment… I’d just drift away listening to Lynda’s voice.


Niamh came for face lift massage treatment. “My skin has always been spotty, at the end of the 6 week session there was a visible reduction in the amount and spread of the spots on my chin and cheeks. My skin is softer and smoother. I spend all day looking at a computer screen so my eyes really suffer but the puffiness has gone down. I’m a natural fidget and don’t sit still for a minute but when I’m on Lynda’s couch I zone out completely


My job as a care worker is extremely demanding both physically and mentally. My stress levels are usually very high. I tried the Japanese Face Massage and found it one of the most relaxing treatments I have ever had. Enjoyed it very much … really got a lot out of it … The best thing is that Lynda just lets you enjoy your time to switch off and doesn’t talk throughout your session. She really understands that it’s your time.


Eileen was one of my case studies and during a session I found out that Eileen suffered from pain in her right hand, so much so that she would often take pain killers to numb it.

She works in a busy hospital department and would carry her pen at all times. I massaged

and did some trigger point work on her arm and Eileen noticed that there was a

reduction in pain from the first session.

Each week Lynda would ask me to put a percentage figure to the pain to note how it was reducing. With the help of the massage and her tips on how to help myself the pain had almost 90% gone by the time the study finished. It was becoming a real problem for me and didn’t want to keep taking pills to take the pain away, I’m delighted!


I was very stressed working full-time and looking after 3 very young sons. I chose face lift massage as I have dark, dry skin. 24 hours after each treatment I could still feel the effects of the lifting on my face it felt alive and “tingling”! I had never had any type of holistic treatment before or even time for just for myself. At each session I would fall into a deep relaxation it was amazing that I could be so relaxed and switch off totally. I also found the muscles around my forehead had smoothed out and I didn’t need to moisturise my skin so much as the dry patches on my cheeks had gone.

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